Moose Hunting in Alaska

Unit 17A, 17B, 19B, 21A, and 21E Nonresident Moose Hunter Orientation Requirement

A nonresident hunter must have viewed the hunter orientation materials: "Is This Moose Legal" video and the "Field Care of Big Game" video and completed the quiz prior to hunting or must be accompanied in the field by an Alaska-licensed guide or resident family member within the second-degree of kindred. Videos are available on this web page or at ADF&G offices. After viewing the required videos, take the nonresident hunter orientation quiz and print your certification card. You can also contact Dillingham ADF&G at (907) 842-2334, Fairbanks ADF&G (907) 459-7206, or Anchorage ADF&G at (907) 267-2257 to obtain your certification card or for further information.

Field Care of Big Game Meat Video

Is This Moose Legal Video