Yukon Drainage Management Area
Fishing Information

Virtually all freshwater and migratory fish species sought by anglers in Alaska are available in the Yukon Area. All populations are wild; there is presently no enhancement of fish populations in the management area. Five species of Pacific salmon are available in tributaries of the Yukon River, including king salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, and pink salmon.

Unique opportunities to fish for freshwater resident species in remote wilderness settings exist throughout this area. Exceptionally large northern pike and inconnu (sheefish) are available in the Innoko, Kaiyuh, and Nowitna river drainages. Opportunities to fish for Arctic grayling, Dolly Varden, northern pike, burbot, and lake trout are very widespread and fishing pressure on these wild stocks is very light. The Dalton Highway is a popular destination and provides road access to adjacent lakes and streams which support stocks of Arctic grayling, Dolly Varden, and lake trout. Wild stocks of rainbow trout do not occur naturally in drainages north of the Kuskokwim River drainage.

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The following links lead to regulation summaries of Alaska sport and personal use fishing regulations published by the Division of Sport Fish as a service to anglers. They are not intended to be a complete digest of all fishing regulations.

Regulations may be changed by the Alaska Board of Fisheries during its regular meetings, by emergency regulation, or by emergency order at any time. Any changes to the regulations are made available through the emergency order link below.

Yukon Drainage Emergency Orders
Yukon Drainage Regulations