Yukon Drainage Management Area

Access to most of the Yukon River Management Area is limited to water or air travel. Major river systems provide transportation corridors during winter, as well as during open water months. Road access to the Yukon River is provided by the Dalton Highway, by the Steese Highway at Circle and by the Taylor Highway at Eagle. With the exception of the Dalton Highway, these gravel roads are not maintained during winter.

Access to most sport fishing opportunity is by motorized boat, or by air charter. There are a number of tributaries of the Yukon that are popular float trips, which are also normally accessed by air charter. These drainages include the Sheenjek, Charley, Chandalar, Porcupine, and Black rivers, and Birch Creek and Beaver Creek in the upper river, and the Koyukuk, Anvik, and Andreafsky in the lower river.