Wildlife Enhancement Projects

Alphabet Hills

In cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management and the State Division of Forestry, ADF&G is preparing to burn approximately 53,000 acres to benefit wildlife habitat north of Lake Louise. This remote project is being carefully planned by the partnering agencies.

Delta Junction Bison Range

ADF&G coordinates across several programs to conduct wildlife habitat enhancement treatments on the Delta Junction Bison Range. While planting crops to entice bison into the state field complexes is done annually, other treatments to benefit moose and grouse are also done intermittently outside of the Panoramic and Gerstle fields.


Over several years, ADF&G coordinated with State Forestry and others to conduct habitat enhancement treatments on state forest lands outside of Tok within the 1990 burn scar of the Tok River Fire. A variety of roads and trails extend into this area for hunting and viewing of wildlife. This poster has a map of the area and is installed in a kiosk south of Tok inside state lands.