Board of Fisheries Findings/Policies

Commonly Used Regulations and Policies


  • 2020-298-FB: Continuation of the Crab Observer Oversight Task Force


  • 2019-297-FB: Delegation Of Authority to the Commisioner To Adopt Regulations for the Commercial Harvest of Aquatic Plants in Cook Inlet
  • 2019-296-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt Regulations to Allow and Regulate Electronic Format and Digital Applications for Certain Department Forms
  • 2019-295-FB: Finding on the Religious and Ceremonial Use of King Salmon in the Yukon River
  • 2019-294-FB: Delegation of Authority Regarding Saltwater Registration and Logbook Regulations


  • 2018-293-FB: Charge Statement For A Review On The Naknek River Sport Commercial Services/Guide Fisheries
  • 2018-292-FB: Alaska Board of Fisheries Charge Statement For A Review Of Rod And Reel Gear (Disbanded 10/24/2019)
  • 2018-291-FB: Charge Statement For The Nushagak-Mulchatna King Salmon Management Plan Committee
  • 2018-290-FB: Delegation of Authority Regarding the Upper Yentna River Subsistence Salmon Fishery
  • 2018-289-FB: Policy Regarding the Location of the Upper Cook Inlet Finfish Meeting (Rescinded 10/24/2019)
  • 2018-288-FB: Delegation of Authority Regarding Electronic Licenses and Electronic Harvest Recording
  • 2018-287-FB: Finding in Support of Onboard Observer Requirement in the Southeast Alaska King and Tanner Crab fishery


  • 2017-286-FB: A Resolution Regarding Fish & Wildlife Enforcement in Alaska
  • 2017-285-FB: Finding in Support of Onboard Observer Requirement in the Prince William Sound Eastern and Western Districts Tanner Crab Fishery
  • 2017-284-FB: Continuation of the Crab Observer Oversight Task Force


  • 2016-283-FB: Criteria for Board Deliberation on Commercial Set Gillnet Proposals Impacted by Coastal Erosion
  • 2016-282-FB: Policy on Tabling and Postponing Proposals
  • 2016-281-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt and Amend Regulations Establishing Bag, Possession, and Annual Harvest Limits for Certain Subsistence and Personal Use Fisheries


  • 2015-280-FB: >Delegation of Authority to Change Regulations by Incorporating Fish Resource Permits with 5 AAC 41.
  • 2015-279-FB: Charge Statement for Committee on Coastal Erosion Impacts on Set Gillnet Operations
  • 2015-278-FB: Findings of Customary and Traditional Uses and Amounts Reasonably Necessary for Subsistence of Certain Shellfish in the Kodiak Area
  • 2015-277-FB: Standing Delegation of Authority to the Commissioner Regarding Petitions for Emergency Regulations (Replaces 2000-203-FB)
  • 2015-276-FB: Delegation of Authority to Repeal and Amend Certain Personal Use Fisheries Regulations for Areas and Fisheries Already Addressed by Subsistence Regulations
  • 2015-275-FB: Delegation of Authority Under AS 16.05.270 to the Commissioner to Adopt Regulations for Amphibians


  • 2014-274-FB: Continuation of the Crab Observer Oversight Task Force
  • 2014-273-FB: Commendation for Lance B. Nelson


  • 2013-272-FB: Standing Policy Advisory Committee Recommendation Requirement
  • 2013-271-FB:Operating Procedures Policy to Not Use Motion to Rescind
  • 2013-270-FB: DRAFT Board Generated Proposal Criteria
  • 2013-269-FB: Findings and Clarification of Intent Regarding Adoption of Board-Generated Proposal 239


  • 2012-268-FB: Findings regarding Operating Procedures Policy for Written Public Comment
  • 2012-267-FB: Findings regarding Operating Procedures for the Board of Fisheries Motion to Reconsider


  • 2011-266-FB: Findings regarding regulatory action taken to address salmon stocks of concern in the Upper Cook Inlet Area
  • 2011-265-FB: Continuation of the Crab Observer Oversight Task Force


  • 2009-264-FB: Revised Joint Protocol between North Pacific Fishery Management Council and Alaska Board of Fisheries
  • 2009-263-FB: Delegation of Authority to Allow Website Registration of Permit Holders in Bristol Bay Fishery


  • 2008-262-FB: Finding in Support of Onboard Observer Requirement in the Prince William Sound Shrimp Trawl Fishery
  • 2008-261-FB: Finding in Support of Onboard Observer Requirement in the Prince William Sound Pollock Pelagic Trawl Fishery
  • 2008-260-FB: Continuation of the Crab Observer Oversight Taskforce
  • 2008-259-FB: Finding on Upper Cook Inlet Salmon Management Plan
  • 2008-258-FB: Resolution in Opposition to Placing Sustainable Salmon Policy in Statute
  • 2008-257-FB: Resolution on Certification Program for Onboard Observer
  • 2008-256-FB: Resolution for Funding the Onboard Observer Program
  • 2008-255-FB: Resolution in Support of Habitat Intervention for Black Lake. (*PDF 184KB)
  • 2008-254-FB: Resolution in Oppostion to Placing Sustainable Salmon Policy in Statute. (*PDF 187KB)
  • 2008-253-FB: Resolution to Support Funding of Fisheries. (*PDF 166KB)


  • 2007-252-FB: Resolution Regarding Authority of the Board of Fisheries to Allocate Within Fisheries (*PDF 66KB)
  • 2007-251-FB: Resolution in Support for Legislative Funding for Fisheries Research (*PDF 32KB)


  • 2006-250-FB: Delegation of Authority to Correct Errors or Omissions in Regulations (Replaces 99-192-FB) (*PDF 24KB)
  • 2006-249-FB: Copper River King Salmon Management Plan (*PDF 141KB)
  • 2006-248-FB: Prince William Sound Management and Salmon Enhancement Allocation Plan (*PDF 227KB )
  • 2006-247-FB: Resolution Regarding Declining Fish and Wildlife Enforcement in the State of Alaska (*PDF 20KB)
  • 2006-246-FB: Finding in Support in the Finding of Emergency in the Aleutian District Pacific Cod Fishery. (*PDF - 103KB)
  • 2006-245-FB: Resolution in support of Legislation to Authorize the Board of Fisheries to Allocate to Commercial Fishing Cooperatives. (*PDF - 140KB)


  • 2005-244-FB: Subsistence Fishing in portions of the Prince William Sound Area. (*PDF -22KB)
  • 2005-243-FB: Delegation of Authority: Reformat Sport Fish Regulations. (*PDF - 21 KB)
  • 2005-242-FB: Taku River (District 11) King Salmon Workgroup. (*PDF - 49 KB)
  • 2005-241-FB: Stikine River (District 8) King Salmon Workgroup. (*PDF - 51 KB)
  • 2005-240-FB: Board and CFEC MOU: Groundfish Rationalization. (*PDF - 118 KB)
  • 2005-239-FB: Continuation of the Crab Observer Oversight Task Force. (*PDF - 33 KB)
  • 2005-238-FB: Delegation of Authority re: Allowance of Seine Gear for Orzinski Bay. (*PDF - 19 KB)
  • 2005-237-FB: Delegation of Authority re: Southeast Alaska King Salmon. (*PDF - 18 KB)
  • 2005-236-FB: Ayakulik River King Salmon Sport Fishery. (*PDF - 47 KB)


  • 2004-235-FB: Salmon Industry Restructuring Panel charge statement. (*PDF - 23 KB)
  • 2004-234-FB: Status of GOA Groundfish Ratz & Further Charge to Committee. (*PDF - 107 KB)
  • 2004-233-FB: A Resolution in Support of Increasing Sport Fishing License Fees and Nonresident King Salmon Stamp Fees. (*PDF - 58 KB)
  • 2004-232-FB: A Resolution in Support of Increasing Funding for the Boards and Advisory Committees(*PDF - 61 KB)
  • 2004-231-FB: Delegation of Authority re: Sport Fish Guide Logbook Program (*PDF - 24 KB)
  • 2004-230-FB: General District Management Plan for Bristol Bay (*PDF - 110 KB)
  • 2004-229-FB: South Unimak and Shumagin Islands June Salmon Fishery (*PDF - 511 KB)
  • 2004-228-FB: Groundfish finding for rationalization in Gulf of Alaska (*PDF - 116 KB)


  • 2003-227-FB: Recommendations Panel for Sustainable Salmon Fisheries Policy and Escapement Goal Policy (*PDF - 54 KB)
  • 2003-226-FB: GOA Groundfish Rationalization Committee (*PDF - 63 KB)
  • 2003-225-FB: PWS Management Plan Workgroup (*PDF - 47KB)
  • 2003-224-FB: Sitka Open Pound Herring Workgroup (*PDF - 86 KB)
  • 2003-223B-FB: Bristol Bay Red King Crab Exploitation Rate (*PDF - 27 KB)
  • 2003-223A-FB: BS/AI Crab Rationalization Task Force (*PDF - 51 KB)
  • 2003-222-FB: Use of Test Fish Funds for New Herring Fisheries (*PDF - 80 KB)
  • 2003-221-FB: Charge to Southeast Alaska Pot Shrimp Task Force (*PDF - 55 KB)


  • 2002-220-FB: MOA with ADF&G and Sitka Tribe re: Herring (*PDF - 345 KB)
  • 2002-219-FB: Delegation of Authority re: Promulgating Subsistence Regulations in the Chignik Area (*PDF - 21 KB)
  • 2002-218-FB: Protocol Agreement with Board of Forestry (*PDF - 138 KB)
  • 2002-217-FB: MPA Policy Development/Steering Committee (*PDF - 57 KB)
  • 2002-216-FB: Government to Government Relations with Tribes in Alaska (*PDF - 69 KB)
  • 2002-215-FB: Hatchery Protocol (*PDF - 68 KB)
  • 2002-214-FB: Charge to draft a Southeast Tanner Crab Management Plan (*PDF - 76 KB)
  • 2002-213-FB: Red King Crab threshold for Southeast Alaska (*PDF - 51 KB)
  • 2002-212-FB: Findings re: Early-run Kenai River King Salmon Plan (*PDF - 57 KB)
  • 2002-211-FB: Resolution to fund stock composition studies (*PDF - 38 KB)
  • 2002-210-FB: SE Alaska King Salmon Management Plan Task Force (*PDF - 62 KB)
  • 2002-209-FB: Chignik Coop Committee [rescinded 1/13/02] (*PDF - 75 KB)


  • 2001-208-FB: Charge to the Rainbow Trout Task Force (*PDF - 96 KB)
  • 2001-207-FB: Charge to the committee on Marine Protected Areas (*PDF - 77 KB)
  • 2001-206-FB: Findings for recommendations on Subsistence Halibut Regulations (*PDF - 157 KB)
  • 2001-205-FB: Resolution concerning Invasion of Atlantic Salmon (*PDF - 66 KB)
  • 2001-204-FB: Resolution to Board of Forestry (*PDF - 51 KB)


  • 2000-203-FB: Policy on Emergency Petition Process (*PDF - 68 KB)
  • 2000-202-FB: Resolution Support Constitutional Amendment to allow limited entry to guided fishing (*PDF - 53 KB)
  • 2000-201-FB: Charge Statement to LAMP Task Force Groups (see also 99-193-FB) (*PDF - 99 KB)
  • 2000-200-FB: Procedures for Board of Fisheries Meeting Committees (*PDF - 288 KB)
  • 2000-199-FB: Alaska Board of Fisheries Committee Policy Statement (*PDF - 152 KB)
  • 2000-198-FB: Resolution to NPFMC & NMFS re: observer data gathering protocol Trawl Vessels (*PDF - 83 KB)
  • 2000-197-FB: Southeast Alaska Commercial Dungeness Task Force (*PDF - 49 KB)
  • 2000-196-FB: Charge to the Lingcod Fishery Taskforce (*PDF - 66 KB)
  • 2000-195-FB: Development of a research and Management Plan for Dogfish Sharks in Yakutat (*PDF - 38 KB)
  • 2000-194-FB: Charge to the Sitka Spawn on Kelp Open Platform Fishery Workgroup (*PDF - 52 KB)


  • 99-193-FB: Charge to Halibut LAMP Task Force (see also 2000-201-FB)
  • 99-192-FB: Delegation of Authority to Correct Technical Errors (Replaces 96-163-FB)
  • 99-191-FB: Upper Cook Inlet
  • 99-190-FB: Area O Brown King Crab Season
  • 99-189-FB: CDQ Crab
  • 99-188-FB: Bering Sea Tanner Crab Management Plan
  • 99-187-FB: Bristol Bay Red King Crab Fishery
  • 99-186-FB: BS/AI Crab Observer Oversight Task Force
  • 99-185-FB: North Gulf of Alaska Salmon Task Force
  • 99-184-FB: Policy on Development of Findings
  • 99-183-FB: Addendum to Joint Protocol & State/Federal Action Plan
  • 99-182-FB: Establish initial oversight committee for Crab Observer Program
  • 99-181-FB: Establishing the GOA State Waters Non-Pelagic Trawl Task Force [Previously 99-03-FB]
  • 99-180-FB: Establishing the Kodiak Herring Task Force [Previously 99-02-FB]
  • 99-179-FB: Establishing the Alitak Task Force [Previously 99-01-FB]


  • 98-178A-FB: Delegation of Authority: Salt water sport fish log books
  • 98-178-FB: Resolution to Legislature opposing HB 168 [Previously 98-03-FB]
  • 98-177-FB: Establishing Norton Sound/Nome Subdistrict Salmon Workgroup [Previously 98-02-FB]
  • 98-176A-FB: Resolution Regarding custom processing of non-commercially caught seafood
  • 98-176-FB: UCI Salmon Research Projects [Previously 98-01-FB]


  • 97-175-FB: Development of Concept for Quality Sport Fisheries (Bristol Bay Area) Limiting Fishing Effort (Bristol Bay Area) [Previously 97-10-FB]
  • 97-174-FB: Development of Rainbow Trout Management Plan for the Naknek River [Previously 97-09-FB]
  • 97-173-FB: Red King Crab Harvest in Bristol Bay [Previously 97-08-FB]
  • 97-172-FB: Delegation of Authority: Sport Fishing for King Salmon in the Deshka River in the Susitna-West Cook Inlet Area [Previously 97-07-FB]
  • 97-171-FB: Delegation of Authority: Improved Retention and Utilization of Groundfish in the GOA and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands Areas [Previously 97-06-FB]
  • 97-170.1-FB: Joint Protocol Agreement with NPFMC
  • 97-170-FB: Skwentna River Personal Use Salmon Fishery [Previously 97-05-FB]
  • 97-169-FB: State Waters Pacific Cod Management Plans [Previously 97-04-FB]
  • 97-168-FB: Salmon Fisheries Management Plans for the Copper River District Drainages [Previously 97-03-FB]
  • 97-167-FB: PWS Management and Salmon Enhancement Allocation Plan [Previously 97-02-FB]
  • 97-166-FB: Tanner Crab Pot Limit in Southeast Alaska (Area A) [Previously 97-01-FB]


  • 96-165-FB: North Alaskan Peninsula Fisheries [Previously 96-09-FB]
  • 96-164-FB: South Peninsula June Fishery [Previously 96-08 FB]
  • 96-163-FB: Delegation of Authority to Correct Technical Errors (see 99-192-FB) [Previously 96-07 FB]
  • 96-162-FB: Yukon River Drainage Fall Chum Salmon Management Plan [Previously 96-06 FB]
  • 96-161-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt Emergency Regulations (replaces 75-04-FB, 79-53-FB, 88-119-FB, and 95-153-FB) [Previously 96-05 FB]
  • 96-160-FB: Delegation of Authority: To Close Riparian Habitat Areas in the Fresh Waters of Upper Cook Inlet [Previously 96-04 FB]
  • 96-159-FB: Kodiak Sac-Roe Herring Management Plan [Previously 96-03 FB]
  • 96-158-FB: Delegation of Authority: Reporting Requirements of Processors, Buyers, and Fishermen; Transporting Requirements [Previously 96-02 FB]
  • 96-157-FB: Delegation of Authority Regarding Noncommercial King, Tanner, and Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, and Miscellaneous Shellfish Pots in the Cook Inlet Area (replaces 95-155-FB) [Previously 96-01 FB]


  • 95-156-FB: Delegation of Authority: Noncommercial Shrimp Pots in the Prince William Sound Area [Previously 95-04- FB]
  • 95-155-FB: Delegation of Authority: Noncommercial King, Tanner, and Dungeness Crab, and Shrimp Pots in the Cook Inlet Area (see 96-157-FB) [Previously 95-03 FB]
  • 95-154-FB: Delegation of Authority: Requiring Onboard Observers for Catcher Vessels in the Red and Brown King Crab Fisheries in the Adak Area and the Brown King Crab Fisheries [Previously 95-02 FB]
  • 95-153-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt Emergency Regulations (see 96-161-FB) [Previously 95-01 FB]


  • 94-152-FB: Mission of the Kenai River Sockeye Salmon Task Force [Previously 94-06 FB]
  • 94-151-FB: Resolution Title: “Reducing Bycatch and Waste in the North Pacific and Bering Sea Fisheries” [Previously 94-05 FB]
  • 94-150-FB: Kenaitze v. State: Chum Salmon Conservation Measures for the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim and South Unimak/Shumagin Islands June Fisheries [Previously 94-04 FB]
  • 94-149-FB: Delegation of Authority to adopt and make subsistence regulatory changes to comply with Kenaitze v. State [Previously 94-03 FB]
  • 94-148-FB: Southeast Alaska Area Enhanced Salmon Allocation Management Plan [Previously 94-02 FB]
  • 94-147-FB: Deferred Subsistence Proposals - Ketchikan, January 11, 1994 (see 93-146-FB) [Previously 94-01 FB]


  • [Previously 93-09-FB drafted; unsure if final/signed. researching 4/99]
  • 93-146-FB: Deferred SE AK/Yakutat Subsistence Proposals (see 94-147-FB) [Previously 93-08 FB]
  • 93-145-FB: Findings on Policy for Mixed Stock Salmon Fisheries [Previously 93-07 FB]
  • 93-144-FB: Norton Sound Super Exclusive Registration [Previously 93-06-FB]
  • 93-143-FB: Bering Sea Pot Limits [Previously 93-05-FB]
  • 93-142-FB: Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Allocations [Previously 93-04-FB]
  • 93-141-FB: Findings Regarding Upper Cook Inlet District Set Gillnet Registration [Previously 93-03-FB]
  • 93-140-FB: Delegation of Authority: Tunnel Eye Openings and Escape mechanisms for Groundfish Pots [Previously 93-02-FB]
  • 93-139-FB: Delegation of Authority to Decrease Size Limit for Lingcod from 35 to 32 inches [Previously 93-01-FB]


  • 92-138-FB: Supplement to 92-132-FB “South Unimak and Shumagin Islands June Salmon Management Plan” (see also 2004-229-FB) [Previously FB-6-92]
  • 92-137-FB: Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands – Crab Fisheries, Pot Limits Finding [Previously FB-5-92]
  • 92-136-FB: Norton Sound Chum Salmon [Previously 92-05-FB]
  • 92-135-FB: Delegation of Authority Allowing State to Enforce Pot Limit for Bering Sea and Bristol Bay King Crab [Previously 92-04-FB]
  • 92-134-FB: Toklat Fall Chum Salmon [Previously 92-03-FB]
  • 92-133-FB: Charges to the Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Troll Task Force [Previously 92-02-FB]
  • 92-132-FB: South Unimak and Shumagin Islands June Salmon Management Plan (See in addition 92-138-FB) [Previously 92-01-FB]


  • 91-131-FB: Nushagak Chinook Salmon Management Plan [Previously 91-05-FB]
  • 91-130-FB: Post-June Management Plan for the Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Islands [Previously 91-04-FB]
  • 91-129-FB: Allocation Criteria [Previously 91-03-FB]
  • 91-128-FB: Alaska Board of Fisheries Standing Rule [Previously 91-02-FB]
  • 91-127-FB: Atka-Amlia Island Area Finding [Previously 91-01-FB]
  • 91-126-FB: Board of Fisheries Long-Term Goal
  • 91-125-FB: Prince William Sound Salmon Allocation Plan, 2/11/91 [Previously note: this finding was not drafted]


  • 90-05-FB: Delegation of 58-Foot Salmon Seiner Length
  • 90-04-FB: Policy on King and Tanner Crab Resources Management
  • 90-03-FB: Spotter Plane Findings, HB 502
  • 90-02-FB: Southeast Coho
  • 90-01-FB: Southeast: Hidden Falls Finding


  • 89-124A-FB: US Northern Panel Urges to Work for Increase in Chinook Salmon


  • 88-124.1-FB: Management of Domestic King Crab Fisheries in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands Area
  • 88-124-FB: Lack of Customary and Traditional Uses of Salmon by Skwentna Area Residents
  • 88-123-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt and Make Permanent Changes to 5 AAC 41 (Fish Health Regulations)
  • 88-122-FB: Batzulnetas Findings
  • 88-121-FB: Delegation of Authority to Correct Technical Errors (replaced by 96-163-FB)
  • 88-120-FB: Delegation of Authority to Correct Technical Errors before Filing Regulations (replaces 79-52-FB)
  • 88-119-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt Emergency Regulations (see 95-153-FB)
  • 88-118-FB: Procedures for Delegations of Authority (replaces 75-2-FB)


  • 87-117-FB: Joint Statement on the Management of Kuskokwim River Salmon Fishery


  • 86-116-FB: Ring Net Gear for King and Tanner Crab in Southeast Alaska
  • 86-115-FB: The 48-Hour Waiting Period in Bristol Bay Commercial Salmon Fisheries
  • 86-114-FB: Utilize Test Fish Fund to Conduct Fish Population Surveys


  • 85-113-FB: Cook Inlet Northern District June Chinook Fishery
  • 85-112-FB: Domestic King Crab Fisheries in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands Area
  • 85-111-FB: Subsistence Regulations for the 1985 Fishing Season
  • 85-110-FB: Chinook Salmon Allocation in Southeast Alaska
  • 85-109-FB: Change Boundary between the Pribilof and Southeastern Tanner Crab Districts in the Bering Sea
  • 85-108-FB: Six Lines on a Charter Boat in Southeast Alaska and Yakutat Areas
  • 85-107-FB: Joint Resolution with Southeast Regional Council re: Haines Forest Management


  • 84-106-FB: Letter of Intent - July 1 Opening for Cook Inlet East Side Set Net Fishery
  • 84-105-FB: Exclusive Use Areas for the A-Y-K Herring Sac Roe Fishery
  • 84-104-FB: Placer Mining Resolution to the Legislature
  • 84-103-FB: Japanese High Seas Interception Fishery
  • 84-102-FB: Policy Statement on Management of the Nelson Island District Herring Fishery
  • 84-101-FB: Cook Inlet Central District Late-Run Kenai River Coho Salmon (see also 81-91-FB, 81-90-FB, 81-88-FB, 79-50-FB, 78-42-FB, 77-27-FB)



  • 82-99-FB: Decisions Regarding Management of Domestic King Crab Fisheries in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands Area (see also 81-92A-FB)
  • 82-98-FB: Remove the Ban on Treble Hooks in the Southeast Alaska Troll Fishery (see also 81-88C-FB)
  • 82-97-FB: Quartz Hill Molybdenum Mine Access route on the Keta River


  • 81-96-FB: High Seas Salmon Harvest
  • 81-95-FB: Cook Inlet Central District Gill Net Closure for Protection of Late-Run Kenai River Coho Salmon (see also 84-101-FB, 81-91-FB, 81-90-FB, 81-88-FB, 79-50-FB, 78-42-FB, 77-27-FB
  • 81-94-FB: Conclusions Regarding the Kachemak Bay Subsistence Group Proposal
  • 81-93-FB: Subsistence Committee Recommendations Concerning Personal Use Fishery
  • 81-92A-FB: Joint Statement of Principles between North Pacific Fishery Management Council and Board of Fisheries on Management of Domestic King Crab Fisheries in the Bering Sea and Aleutians (see also 82-99-FB)
  • 81-92-FB: Bristol Bay 32-Foot Vessel Length
  • 81-91-FB: Amended Findings and Policy regarding Subsistence Use of Cook Inlet Salmon (see also 84-101-FB, 81-95-FB, 81-90-FB, 81-88-FB, 79-50-FB, 78-42-FB, 77-27-FB)
  • 81-90-FB: Subsistence Fishing in Cook Inlet (see also 81-95-FB, 81-91-FB, 81-88-FB, 79-50-FB, 78-42-FB, 77-27-FB)
  • 81-89-FB: King Crab Resource Management (see also 76-11-FB)
  • 81-88C-FB: Treble Hook Ban (see also 82-98-FB)
  • 81-88B-FB: Hand Troll/Power Troll Coho Salmon Harvest Ratio
  • 81-88A-FB: 1981 Troll Fishery
  • 81-88-FB: Late Kenai River King Salmon Management Plan (see also 81-95-FB, 81-91-FB, 81-90-FB, 79-50-FB, 78-42-FB, 77-27-FB)
  • 81-87-FB: The 58-Foot Limit on Salmon Seine Boats (replaces 79-55-FB)
  • 81-86-FB: Regarding the Haines-Klukwan Resource Study
  • 81-85-FB: Streamside Management Policy for the Streams of Greater Juneau Borough
  • 81-84-FB: Relating to the Forest Resources and Practices Act of 1978 (see also 80-8-JB)
  • 81-83-FB: District 1 Pink Salmon Management Plan (see also 79-48-FB)
  • 81-82-FB: Hand Trolling (see also 79-57-FB, 79-55A-FB)


  • 80-81B-FB: Subdistrict 6C (Upper Tanana River) Subsistence Salmon Fishery Management Plan
  • 80-81A-FB: Relationships between Herring and Smelt-Capelin Fisheries
  • 80-81-FB: Delegation of Authority to Commissioner re: AS 44.62.220 Petitions
  • 80-80-FB: 1981 Bristol Bay Herring Management Directive (see also 80-68-FB, 79-60-FB, 79-59-FB, 79-49-FB)
  • 80-79-FB: Number changed to 80-8-JB, Clear-cut Logging in Southeast Alaska
  • 80-78-FB: Operating Procedures: Motions to Reconsider
  • 80-77-FB: Delegation of Authority: Incidental Catch of Halibut in Crab Pots in the Yakutat Area
  • 80-76-FB: Regarding Committee Substitute to SB 380
  • 80-75-FB: Regarding Sponsor Substitute to SB 340
  • 80-74-FB: Quality of Alaskan Fisheries Resources
  • 80-73-FB: Bristol Bay Salmon Management Plan for 1980
  • 80-72-FB: Limited Entry Program, Kodiak Area Herring Roe Fishery
  • 80-71-FB: Prince William Sound Herring Management Plan
  • 80-70-FB: Joint Memorandum of Understanding, NPFMC/Board of Fisheries
  • 80-69-FB: Management of Mixed Stock Salmon Fisheries (replaces 76-14-FB)
  • 80-68-FB: Tanner Crab in the Bering Sea (see also 76-18-FB)
  • 80-66-FB: Copper River Salmon Management Plan (revised 79-51-FB, see also 77-25-FB)
  • 80-65-FB: Rehabilitation of Bering Lake
  • 80-64-FB: Foreign Bottomfish Processing in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea
  • 80-63-FB: South Unimak and Shumagin Islands June Salmon Fisheries Management Plan
  • 80-62-FB: Cape Igvak Salmon Management Plan (see also 78-40-FB, 78-38-FB)
  • 80-61A-FB: Alaska Peninsula-Southeastern District Salmon Fisheries (see also 78-41-FB)


  • 79-61-FB: Togiak and Goodnews Bay Districts Coho Salmon Enforcement
  • 79-60-FB: Bristol Bay Herring Management Plan (see 80-80-FB, 80-68-FB, 79-59-FB, 79-49-FB)
  • 79-59-FB: Management Plan to Regulate the Herring Roe-on-Kelp Harvest in the Bristol Bay Area (see 80-80-FB, 80-68-FB, 79-60-FB, 79-49-FB)
  • 79-58-FB: Provisional Subsistence Fishery Policy for Iliamna Lake and Lower Kvichak River Drainage (see also 77-27A-FB, 77-23-FB)
  • 79-57-FB: Provisional Hand Toll/Power Troll Allocation Policy (see also 81-82-FB, 79-55A-FB)
  • 79-56-FB: Troll Fishery Gear Limitation
  • 79-55A-FB: Southeast Alaska-Yakutat Salmon Troll Fishery (see also 81-82-FB, 79-57-FB)
  • 79-55-FB: Management Directive: Standardized Fishing Time (repealed January 1981, see 81-87-FB)
  • 79-54-FB: Subsistence Fishing Policy for Juneau Road System
  • 79-53-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt Emergency Regulations (see 88-119-FB)
  • 79-52-FB: Delegation of Authority to Correct Nonsubstantive Errors, Omissions, etc., in Regulations (see 88-118-FB)
  • 79-51-FB: Copper River Salmon Management Plan (see also 80-66-FB, 77-25-FB)
  • 79-50-FB: Kenai-Russian River Sockeye Salmon Management Plan (see also 81-91-FB, 81-90-FB, 81-88-FB, 81-75-FB, 78-42-FB, 77-27-FB)
  • 79-49-FB: Delegation of Authority: Bering Sea Herring Regulations (see also 80-80-FB, 80-68-FB, 79-60-FB, 79-59-FB)
  • 79-48-FB: Management Directive: Southeast Pink Salmon (see also 81-83-FB)
  • 79-47-FB: Policy Statement on Subsistence Utilization of Fish and Game (see also 81-9-JB, 76-3-JB, 79-5-JB)
  • 79-46-FB: Statement of Policy on Small Shrimp
  • 79-45-FB: Kachemak Bay Trawl Shrimp Management Plan
  • 79-44-FB: Department-Authorized Derbies


  • 78-43-FB: Ugak Bay Shrimp Fishery (Kodiak Area)
  • 78-42-FB: Northern Cook Inlet King Salmon Management Plan (see also 81-95-FB, 81-91-FB, 81-90-FB, 81-88-FB, 79-50-FB, 77-27-FB)
  • 78-41-FB: Alaska Peninsula-Aleutian Islands Management Plan for the 1979 Salmon Season (see also 80-61-FB)
  • 78-40-FB: 1979 Cape Igvak Management Plan (see 80-62-FB, 78-38-FB)
  • 78-39-FB: Management of Public and Private Hatchery Returns (Provisional)
  • 78-38-FB: Cape Igvak Fishery Management Plan for 1978 Season through July 25 (see also 80-62-FB, 78-40-FB)
  • 78-37-FB: National Aquaculture Organic Act
  • 78-36-FB: Enforcement of Fisheries Regulations
  • 78-35-FB: Depressed Shrimp Stocks
  • 78-34-FB: Fish Dumping (Shrimp and other Trawl Species)
  • 78-33-FB: Relating to 17(D)(2) Legislation
  • 78-32-FB: Commendation to Edgar J. Huizer


  • 77-31-FB: Renegotiation of INPEC (see also 76-19-FB)
  • 77-30-FB: Passage of HB 176 (Reservation of Water)
  • 77-29-FB: Inclusion of the Contiguous Marine and Coastal Waters of the State into the Definition o Anadromous Streams and Waters
  • 77-28-FB: South Unimak and Shumagin Islands 1978 Salmon Fishery Management Plan (see also 78-41-FB, 76-21-FB)
  • 77-27A-FB: Provisional Gill Net Subsistence Fishery Policy for Iliamna Lake and Lower Kvichak River Drainage (see also 79-57-FB, 77-23-FB)
  • 77-27-FB: Upper Cook Inlet Management Policy (see also 81-95-FB, 81-91-FB, 81-88-FB, 79-50-FB, 78-42-FB)
  • 77-26-FB: Pollock in Southeast Alaska
  • 77-25-FB: Copper River Subsistence Fishery (see also 80-66-FB, 79-51-FB)
  • 77-24-FB: Pot Limits, King Crab Fishery
  • 77-23-FB: Subsistence Fishery Policy for Iliamna Lake and Lower Kvichak River Drainage (see also 79-58-FB, 77-27A-FB)


  • 76-22-FB: Commendation to Gerald W. Markham
  • 76-21-FB: South Unimak and Shumagin Islands 1977 Salmon Fishery Management Plan (see also 78-41-FB, 77-28-FB)
  • 76-20-FB: Foreign Fishing on Eastern Bering Sea Herring Stocks
  • 76-19-FB: Renegotiation of INPEC (see also 77-31-FB)
  • 76-18-FB: Allocation of Tanner Crab in the Bering Sea (see also 80-67-FB)
  • 76-17-FB: Commercial Salmon Fishing in Resurrection Bay
  • 76-16-FB: Moser-Olga Bay Salmon Management Plan (Kodiak Area)
  • 76-15-FB: Policy on Egg Bearing Shrimp
  • 76-14-FB: Management of Mixed Stock Fisheries of Alaska Salmon
  • 76-13-FB: Provisional Policy on Utilization of Herring
  • 76-12-FB: Number changed to 76-3-JB Policy Statement on Subsistence Utilization of Fish and Game
  • 76-11-FB: Statement on King Crab Resource Management Policy (see also #81-89-FB)
  • 76-10-FB: Annette Island Reserve Mixed Stock Fishery
  • 76-09-FB: Number changed to 76-2-JB Regarding the Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection
  • 76-08-FB: Number changed to 76-1-JB Regarding Limited Entry in the Salmon Fisheries
  • 76-07-FB: Commendation to E.J. Huizer


  • 75-6-FB: Management Policy for Sport King Salmon Fishery in the Kenai River
  • 75-5-FB: Regarding Federal Legislation: 200 Mile Fisheries Jurisdiction
  • 75-4-FB: Delegation of Authority to Adopt Emergency Regulations (see also 79-53-FB)
  • 75-3-FB: Superceded by 79-52-FB Delegation of Authority: To correct non-substantive errors, Omissions, etc., in Regulations
  • 75-2-FB: Procedures for Delegation of Authority (see also 88-118-FB)
  • 75-1-FB: Delegation of Authority to Commissioner of ADF&G – Superceded by 88-121-FB