Instructor-led Hunter Education Course Schedule

Instructor-led Hunter Education Course Schedule

These courses are for Instructor-led hunter education course students only. These courses are NOT for online students. YOU MAY NOT MIX AND MATCH INSTRUCTOR-LED COURSES WITH ONLINE COURSES.

All hunter education classes have a fee of $10 (cash or check) payable at the time that you sign up. You must sign up in person at the Fish & Game office in the community where the class will be held.

Hunter Education Class Schedule

City Date Time
ANCHORAGE 11/07/2020 Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm. (Rabbit Creek Shooting Park)
FAIRBANKS 11/02/2020 –
Monday & Tuesday 6:00pm-10:00pm. (Fairbanks Shooting Range)

In some smaller and remote communities, courses are scheduled when an adequate number of people have registered or shown an interest in attending a course. For more information, contact the statewide coordinator Kirk Lingofelt at (907) 267-2373 or your local ADF&G office.