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  • 1/13/22 Jan. 13, 2022, 7pm
    An overview of Dall's sheep history and research in Alaska
    7pm. Join us for an evening of Dall Sheep. Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr. Kimberlee Beckmen will present a quick review on the M. ovi research and results. Former guide and sheep researcher, Joe Want will give a brief history of sheep hunting/seasons in Alaska. ADF&G sheep research biologists Tom Lohuis and Brad Wendling will follow with updates on Chugach and Talkeetna sheep research, horn morphometric work, and an overview of 20A sheep population cycles. They will conclude with future research directions and the unknowns about how sheep may respond to a warming Arctic and sub-arctic. Preregistration is required.
  • 1/20/22 Jan. 20, 2022, 7–8pm
    Virtual Winter Wildlife Series — Unraveling the Mysteries of Southeast Alaska Bats in Winter
    7–8pm. White-nose Syndrome is a fungal disease that attacks and kills hibernating bats. Bats in eastern North America hibernate in caves and mines, often in large groups, which has resulted in high mortality in some species, including the little brown bat. Where western little brown bats hibernate was unknown, but a long-term study in Juneau, Alaska has been slowly unraveling the mystery of what bats in Southeast Alaska do in the winter. In this talk researchers show how they tackled the challenges of finding where bats go in winter, what they found, and how the very different hibernation ecology of Alaska's little brown bats may help protect them from WNS. Registration is required.
  • 1/28/22 Jan. 28, 2022, 1-4pm
    Working Together to Recover Cook Inlet Belugas
    1-4pm. The Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Recovery Implementation Task Force is holding a public session to increase awareness about Cook Inlet beluga recovery work and to provide an opportunity for the public to learn about ongoing research and conservation Come learn about the goals and structure of the Task Force as well as its recent accomplishments. Then hear from researchers about ongoing work with stranded belugas, photo-identification, aerial surveys, and acoustic monitoring. Join Zoom Meeting. Meeting ID: 893 0667 9997, Passcode: L9Gp6s