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ADF&G's Division of Sport Fish stocks a variety of fish species into lakes and streams throughout the state. Rainbow trout, Arctic char, and landlocked coho and Chinook salmon, raised in the state's two fish hatcheries, are stocked in many southcentral and interior lakes. In addition coho and Chinook salmon smolt are released into several streams and marine locations to return in subsequent years.

This page is provided so you can search our stocking database to find which locations have been stocked, with what species of fish, and when specific locations were stocked. There are two options available for searching the fish stocking database as provided in the table below.

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* Ploidy: The number of single sets of chromosomes within a cell or organism. Diploid fish are capable of reproduction. Triploid fish are sterile. Learn more about triploid fish.

** 4/1/2023 is the beginning of the 2023 stocking season. You may change this date to refine your search. Records for 1998 through 2022 are also available.